How much do you know about Harry Potter? (4)

This will test you on how well you know the books,and the movies.It will test you if you need practice on Harry Potter .

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Who is the head proffeser of Slythirine?


What happened to Harry's parents?

Who are three of the main characters

Select the two correct answers

What happened between Snape and Lily Potter

They hurt each other with magic.
They had a tiny realationship before she meet James Potter.
They got married and then she married Harry's father

Why did Harry get mad at the Dursleys house when his aunt was over?

She spilled wine on him
He tripped over her foot and broke I
His leg
She was talking trash about his parents

How did Harry,Ron,and Hermione meet

On a train to London
Sitting and talking
They meet on the Hogwarts express