Would you survive Heavenly Host Elementary? (Corpse Party)

Would you survive Heavenly Host Elementary? (Corpse Party)

Will you survive the horrors of the curse at Heavenly Host Elementary?

published on July 04, 201612 responses 3
Would you survive Heavenly Host Elementary? (Corpse Party)
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You and your friends were sharing ghost stories. One of your friends decided to do the Sachiko Ever After Charm. How do you reply?

I'm... not... sure about this...
*waits before grabbing the charm*
LET'S DO IT! *grabs charm firmly*

Doing this against your will, you grabbed the charm and started to chant. After you and your friends rip it, the floor started to break, making you and your friends fall in. You woke up in a classroom. As you looked around, your friend was on the other side. There is only one way to reach him/her, which is to go outside the door. Do you go or not?

*doesn't open the door*
*opens the door bravely*

Later on, your ankle started to hurt. Your friend offers you to stay in the infirmary. As you stay there, a dark ghost appears. The door is covered in hair what do you do?

Panic and rip out the strands of
Grab the rubbing alcohol and
matches and burn it

You somehow escape, running into your friend. (S)He runs off, leaving you worried. After you try to look for her, you run into the bathrooms. There, you see them choking. What do you do?

Try to cut the rope
Look for a bucket to place him/her

You were walking by yourself when you found a small gap in the ground. You could risk jumping it, but it doesn't seem like a great idea though. You looked around and found a piece of board lying on the ground. After you picked it up, you went back to the gap. Do you place the board on the ground?

Yes I'm sure it will support my
No it may break in half when I
cross it