Trivia (1)

Welcome to Trivia! In this game you will be answering 12 questions from 6 different categories. The Categories will be, Entertainment, Art, Math, Science, History, and Characters. Characters is when I will show you pictures of characters that may be real or may not. Good luck!

published on August 30, 201514 responses 11

Entertainment (easy) Who sings Firework

Katy Perry
Miley Cyrus

Art (easy) What are the 3 Primary colors

Math(Easy) What is 6x6 Hint: the answer and question rhyme


Science (Easy) What can penguins not do


History (easy) Who was the first U.S president

George Hinkelton
George Washington
George Waylington

Characters (easy) Who is our little friend we have here?

Characters (easy) Who is our little friend we have here?

Entertainment (Hard) Who plays Sadness in the Disney movie Inside Out?

Phyllis Smith
Riley Anderson
Josh Gad

Art (Hard) What is it called when a group of people make music using only their mouths?

Math (Hard) If 12 + y =10 what is y?

I don't know

Science (Hard) Name the 3 states of matter.

Solids liquids and gas
Ice, water, and steam
Lava, Fire, and Hot water.

History (hard) How long was the civil war

2 years
a century
4 Years

Characters (Hard) Who are they?

Characters (Hard) Who are they?