Super hard quiz!!!!

Super hard quiz!!!!

Llama llama plz take u might fail u might pass we will see.... plz plz plz take it plz!!!

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what is a fluffy llama called

a fluffy llama simple or not?

in harry potter who plays cedric diggory?

Select the one correct answers
Edward from twilight
Jack Steward
Nick Angelo
Leanardo Di Caprio
Evil Llamas dUHHH

whats the name of the ONLY rollercoaster the goes upside down in disneyland and california adventure combined?

California screamin
Space mountain
Thunder Mountain

What people call a over sized hamster is a....

What are the five hawiian islands? no capitals! commas please!

what is the time difference of California and massachusetts

3 hours
5 hours
2 hours

match up the first and last name of who played harry potter

Select the two correct answers
Edward O_o

your teacher and a clone of her is hanging over a pool of sharks the fake tells lies and the real one tells the truth

Ask them to lie about who is the real teacher
Bahh let them drown at least i will have no math!
ask them to make you a doghnut
ask if they like kittens