How much do you know about Moshi Monsters

How much do you know about Moshi Monsters

If you board right now and searching for a quiz that's long not short, this is the one for and it's to test the Moshi fans who want to challenge themselves to see how much they know about moshi monsters.

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What is the moshling that is a magician name?

What is the name of this monster?

What is the name of this monster?

Which of these names are real moshling names?

Select the three correct answers

What moshling category is Iggy in?

What is the new season of Moshi mash cards called?

code breakers
Super cards
C.L.O.N.C cards

When Zackbinspin was young, what did he use as a pretend microphone?

An empty icecream cone
his bottle of milk
His rattle
His Mum's hairbrush

The recipe for hoodoo stew is fried oobla doobla, coconut shells, creepy crawlies and....

Fizzy milk
Purple bananas
a Hong Bong box of destiny
toad soda

Which street is the icecream shop located in?

The port
Ooh La Lane
main street

WHich moshling likes brushing their teeth with toffee and buffing up their shells?

Who has a bike and does daring stunts?

Rainbow DASH!
Fast skeeller
Weevil the Kneevil
Zack binspin