NAFTA quiz

NAFTA quiz

chloe, tori, matt a, and matt f's geography quiz all about the trade between United States, Canada and Mexico.

published on December 19, 20122 responses 0

What does NAFTA stand for?

Northern Agreement For The Americans
North American Free Trade Agreement
North American Free Trade Association
Northern American Free Trade Agreement

The agreement helps provide business with?

technologies, candies, electronics
better service, employment, food
clothing, industries, capital
better access to materials, technologies, investment capital, talent

Where do 80% of Mexico's exports go to?

United States
South America

One in ___ Canadian jobs is linked to the Free Trade Agreement


How's NAFTA beneficial to Canada's food source?

Have a wider selection of food at a cheaper cost
Have more food at a higher cost
yummy foods from Florida
Less food but it's by far cheaper