Unit 4- Geography

Unit 4- Geography

This is focused on Europe in the past and present. This is very helpful for a final exam.

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What is a problem from World War II in Italy?

Why are the peninsulas important? (separate with a /)

What is a current of warm water from the Tropics?

What is a major source from the North Sea?

What is Italy a good site for?

What happened because of the Irish potato famine? (separate with a /)

What did the Common Market do to effect economies?

Select the three correct answers
remove trade barriers
allowed trade barriers
decreased goals
set common economic goals
allowed people to live and work in any member country

What is a reason for ethnic differences in Europe?

What is an agency that provides the European Union with reliable information about the environment?

What does the North Atlantic Drift do to affect Europe? (separate with a /)

Which one is not a conflict in the 1990s?

Select the three correct answers
Croatia and Slovenia declared independence and Yugoslavia fought them
Serbia declared independence and Bosnia fought it
The UN negotiated a cease-fire in Croatia
NATO began bombing Bosnia
Bosnia declared independence and Serbia fought it
Bosnian troops withdrew from Kosovo
Serbia attacked Kosovo

What are religions in Europe?

Select the four correct answers
Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Roman Catholic

What was the form of government in Athens?

What are 2 results of the British Empire? (separate with a /)

What happened when there was a time of darkness and it needed to be renewed?

What is one of the most fertile agricultural regions of the world?

What is a sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission mixture with water vapor and oxygen?

What is a future problem for new European Union members?

What is a solution to pollution?