Unit 3-Geography

Unit 3-Geography

A quiz on Latin America. This is a very helpful quiz for before final exams.

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Name South America's three major river systems. (separate with a /)

What is the capital of the Aztec Empire?

What are different species of biodiversity? (separate with a /)

What is a martial art and dance the developed in Brazil from Angolans who were taken there by the Portuguese from Africa?

What are the major culture groups in Central America? (separate with a /)

What is the cause of deforestation?

What are the basis for Central America and Caribbean economies?

Select the six correct answers
sugar cane
citrus fruits

What is the second longest river in the world, running about 4,000 miles from west to east, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean?

What is a government run by a few persons or a small group?

what is a way of clearing fields for planting by cutting trees, brush, and grasses and burning them?

What is a debt-reducing deal wherein an organization agrees to pay off a certain amount of government debt in return for government protection of a certain portion of rain forest?

What are factories in Mexico that assemble imported materials into finished goods for export?

What is the culture of Mexico?

African, Spanish, French
Spanish, African, native
Spanish, native

What is the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, preventing heat from escaping into space and causing rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns?

What is the reason for Latin America's poverty?

What is the most southern tip of Latin America?

What are large, grassy, treeless are in Colombia and Venezuela, used for grazing and farming?

What is a large system of mountain ranges located along the Pacific coast of Central and South America?

What is the location of South American rain forests?

What is a growth industry in Latin America?

What are the cultures in the Caribbean?

Select the six correct answers