Unit 2-Geography

Unit 2-Geography

A quiz on the United States and Canada. This is great for studying before a final exam.

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What is one of two major mountain chains in the eastern US and Canada, extending 1,600 miles from Newfoundland south to Alabama?

What is Canada's longest river?

Who hunted, fished, and gathered edible plants while adapting to natural environments?

What is a corporation that engages in business worldwide?

What was established to coordinate antiterrorist efforts and for protection?

Who is the head of the government and the majority party's leader in parliament?

What is the movement of plants, animals, and diseases between the Eastern and Western hemispheres during the age of exploration?

What is the loose confederation of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, created by the British North America Act in 1867?

What are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta?

What is a process whereby a minority group gradually gives up its own culture and adopts the culture of a majority group?

Who is a person of mixed French-Canadian and Native American ancestry?

What is poorly planned development that spreads a city's population over a wider and wider geographic area?

What is the category of the majority of American workers?

Where is Canada's low population area? (separate with /)

What is the Middle Atlantic states that have declining and abandoned traditional industries?

What kind of government does Canada have?

What was enacted to protect and promote diversity?

What is a community where residents can live and work in harmony with the environment?

What is an economic system in which private individuals own most of the resources, technology, and businesses, and can operate them for profit with little control from the government?

What types of climates are shared between US and Canada?

Select the six correct answers
tropical wet & dry
humid continental
humid subtropical
marine west coast
tropical wet

What is New England made up of?

Select the six correct answers
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

What are the Rocky Mountains, Continental Divide, and Mt. McKinley?

What is Canada's westernmost province, located within the Rocky Mountain range?

Why are Canada and US so successful?

What is not a negative effect on infrastructure?

commuter traffic
cost of things
higher income residents become isolated in inner-city areas
separates classes of people

What is a nation whose powers are divided among the federal, or national, government and various state and local governments?

What is an economic phase in which manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role?

What is the term used for separate identities in Canada that encouraged immigration from all over the world?

What are problems of Atlantic Provinces?

Select the three correct answers
small population from rugged terrain and severe weather
Nova Scotia has the worst weather
New Brunswick has forest that cover 90% of the land
Newfoundland has fierce storms that roar up the Atlantic seaboard

What is North America's most important deepwater ship route, connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean by its river?

What is when people place their loyalty to their region, or section, above loyalty to the nation?

What is the line of the highest points in North America that makes the separation between rivers flowing eastward and westward?

What contains the Interior Plains, Great Plains, and Canadian Shied?

What is home to many of Canada's Inuit and was carved out of the eastern half of the Northwest Territories in 1999?

What contains the Appalachian Mts, Green and Catskill Mts, and the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mts?

What is a biological weapon that was found in letters sent to some members of Congress and the new media?

What contains the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Gulf Coastal Plain, and Appalachian Highlands?

What are some of Canada's energy exports?

Select the eight correct answers
natural gas
iron ore
hydroelectric power