Greek Terms

Greek Terms

This is a quiz on Greek terms including drama terms and parts of a greek play.

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when the audience knows something the characters don't know

scenery can be placed in front of this section of the theater to add to setting

any tragic flaw

leader of the chorus who may step out and talk directly with a character

purging of emotions of pity and fear in the audience

dressing room where actors stayed

poem changed by the chorus at the end of the scene

discovery, recognition, epiphany on the part of the tragic figure that comes too late

represents the power source in the play

final scene of the play

final lines spoken by the ____

2 areas on each side of the theater where chorus enter

first ode of the chorus

chorus is always on stage on this part of the theater

reversal of fortune

where did actors remain?

opposite of what you expect

total doom

alter to Dionysus in the center of the orchestra

was originally a flat-roofed stage building

reflect, advise, warn, and interact with characters

dramatic action

when an imperfect by somewhat likable character falls from a relatively high position to a low position

the dancing place

extreme pride or arrogance

opening scene of exposition providing background and context

the seeing place