fallout are you fit to wear power armor

fallout are you fit to wear power armor

finds out how much you know about fallout 3 through new vegas including names quest objectives and weapons

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who rules over new vegas upon completion of the house always wins

the mysterious Mr. house
the NCR
the brotherhood of steel
the boomers
the legion

who are the "bad guys" in fallout 3

the brotherhood of steel
the enclave
the chinese
the talons
the van graffs

what is the main livestock in fallout 3

mole rat

who do you help make the wasteland survival guide in fallout 3

Moira brown
the antagonizer
the enclave

what types of weapons do the brotherhood primarily use

guns and bullets
melee weapons
energy weapons

what is the name of the utility used to help manage you equipment and use vats

power armor
tesla coils

what is the main weapon used by the NCR

gauss rifle
service rifle
10mm pistol
sniper rifle

what is the name of the armor used by the special force of the enclavein fallout 3

lyons pride power armor
tesla coil armor
t-45d power armor
t-51b power armor
remnant armor

with the jury rigging perk what are the basic rules of repairing armor after that perk applies

all armor can be reapired with any armor
all armor accept power armor can be repaired with itself
light with light medium with medium heavy with heavy
the same rules apply

who are the slaver army in new vegas

brotherhood of steel
caesars legion
the boomers
the great kahns