Nutrition Quiz

Nutrition Quiz

What have you learned about My Plate and reading labels? Can you select foods for good health?

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What are the 5 sections of My Plate?

Fruits, Fats, Protein, Milk, and Vegetables
Fruits, Protein, Carbohydrates, Dairy, and Vegetables
Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, Grains, Dairy

Dried beans and peas like baked beans and pea soup contain

Low cost food
A vegetarian protein source
All of the above

A way to tell which fats are healthier by the way they look at room temperature


Weight gain is caused by

Eating too much carbohydrate
Consuming more calories than you burn off
Not enough exercise

Whole grains are healthier because of

all of above

A calorie is

something that is mostly in carbohydrates
a unit of measurement of food energy
how much fat is in food

Dairy products are needed for

high protein content
healthy bones

Ingredients on a food label are listed by

Healthy to least healthy
Amount by weight
Fat content

The amount of calories per gram of fat is


A nutritional claim on a food label

can be confusing
must be truthful
is a way to sell more of the product
all of the above

Four foods that contain protein are

Four foods that count as dairy serving are

Two vegetarian foods that are good sources of protein are

What are 3 considerations in deciding if a snack food is healthy or not?

Why do we need to consider serving sizes?

The best way to choose healthier foods is to

Two ways to try to consume more vegetables are

The best way to get the most nutrients from vegetables is to