Do You Know How To Be Girly?

Watch out, this quiz is hard.

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What are the most girliest shoes you can wear.


What were the most popular brand of shoes a couple of years ago.


What are the most fashionable brand of shoes now.

Lace - Up Boots.

Is there such thing has HAREM pants.


Can girly girls be best friends with a tomboy, or will that make them not girly.

It doesn't matter who your best friends with, if your are girly, it is up to you.
Yes, but it might make you a little bit not girly.
No, that would make you not girly.

What are some of the key things to be girly.

Select the six correct answers
Wear a LOAD of Make - Up.
Wear a bit of make - up.
Wear jewellery.
Style of walking
Have barbie dolls.
Go out with a load of boys.
Go out with some boys.
Be a good dancer.
Be a good singer.
Be skinny.
Have blue eyes.
Longer than shoulder length hair.
Still have a dummy.

A clothes shop, with the initials NL.
What is the clothes shop that I am thinking of called?

What is girly?

Having LOADS of make up, jewellery, go out with loads of boys, be really skinny, and be a really good dancer.
Wear some make up, strut some stuff down the street like you own it, be really cute, and not be embarressed to show yourself infront of others.
Have loads of footballs lying around your house.