percy jackson,how much do you know? quiz

percy jackson,how much do you know? quiz

it is to show how much do you know about percy jackson?well see how much u know

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Who is Percy Jackson's best friend?

Annabeth Chase

What is Percy's first quest?

To go to the underworld and bring back a hellhound
TO get back Hades Helm
to get back Zeus's Lighting bolt
to tame cerberus
to defeat a thousnd monsters

What is Percy's School in "the lighting theif"

yancy acadamy
dwight school
trikvas school

What is Percy's first monster?

The Chimera
The Manticore
The Minotaur
A Sea Monster
A Tekline

Who is Artimiss's lutenet in the beggining of the third book

Thalia Grace
Annabeth Chase
Clairsse La Rou
Zoe Nightsade
Selena bougard

What is book two title?

the lighting theif
the sea of monsters
the titans curse
the battle of the labyrinth
the last olympian

Who lead the tresspasser's to spy on percy and annabeth

Thalia Grace
Katie Gardener
Clairsse La Rou
Selena bougard

What two people kiss at the bottem of the canoe lake

Selena &Charlie
Percy & Annabeth
Katie & travis
Katie & Percy
Selena & Conner