Do you know taylor launter

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wat movie is taylor launter really in

valintines day
nightmare on elms street

who was taylor launters girlfriend who broke up whith him on her birthday

jennifer lopez
miley cyrus
justin timberlake or justin bieber
debbie ryan
taylor swift
brenda song

wat movie was taylor launter in wen he was little

hannah montana
wizardsof waverly place the movie
shark boy and lava girl
cheetah girls

who did taylor launter orginally audition for in twlight

the dad
the crazy old lady who hit him with her cane on set
bellas purse who the old lady told a monkey 2 hit bellas purse but the monkey did hit her purse

taylor launters co-star won a place on the world hottest vampires what was it


what color is taylor launters hair

what did taylor say he felt uncofturble about on an interview

he puked on his girlfriend
he went to the kids choice awards and slappped the press
he wanted 2 fight a man who was 200 lbs more than him and taylor lost
in twlight he took too many pictures whith his shirt off and they were in magazines and stuff
a monkey hit him with his boss and the bos got cranky so he almost fired the monkey and taylor felt really bad