Biology Test-Basic

Biology Test-Basic

This is a test we made for my younger sister Jessica. She is really cool.

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What is the role of water in photosynthesis?

It hydrates the plants when they are thirsty (true, but don't pick this one)
It drowns out all other invading ions
It is the source of oxygen produced.

Why is the sun considered the ultimate source of energy for life on Earth?

Either photosynthetic organisms (autotrophs) organisms that have eaten them (heterotrophs) use the sun as energy for all life on Earth.
Because it is the ultimate star, and humans suck in the energy like a vaccuum.
The sun is not the ultimate source of energy, oil is.

The process by which plants capture energy in the form of sunlight and make food for animals in the form of glucose is known as ____.

cellular respiration
Carbon Cycle

Stacks of thylakoids suspended in the fluid stroma in chloroplasts are called?

stacks of thylakoids
ATP synthase ions

What is the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis?

It produces Oxygen.
It reflects light molecules into the atmosphere.
It absorbs light molecules.
It sythesizes molecules to make proteins.

The series of reactions that creates the complex carbohydryates (food) needed for energy and growth is called the ____.

Calvin Cycle
photosynthetic response
Michaele (pronounced Mee Ki Ay La) Cycle

The calvin cycle ____.

requires ATP and NADPH
occurs in both light and dark conditions
generates glucose
All of the above

What happens when a chlorophyll molecule absorbs light?

It combusts.
Electrons are raised to a higher energy level.
Protons are raised to a higher energy level.
Neutrons are lowered.

Products of the light reactants of photosynthesis that provide energy for the Calvin Benson Cycle are ____ and ____.

Oxygen; Glucose
Buttox; farty

Organisms that harvest energy from sunlight and chemicals to make food (for themselves) are called ____.

tertiary consumers

What is a major atmospheric product of photosynthesis? (Hint* It is produced from water (H2O))


What is an organism that consumes other organisms for energy?


What happens when electrons of a chlorophyll molecule are raised to a higher energy level?

They absorb oxygen.
They take on protons.
They enter the electron transport chain.
They explode.