Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

This is a short quiz to test your knowledge about Ray Bradbury, and to see how well you were paying attention to our presentation!

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Was Ray Bradbury born on August 22, 1920?


Where was Ray Bradbury born?

Los Angeles, California
Tuscon, Arizona
Waukegan, Illinois

Did Ray Bradbury receive a college education?

He started, but then he dropped out.

Who did Ray Bradbury marry on September 27, 1947?

Constance E. Hamilton
Helen Morgan
Maggie McClure

Why didn't Ray Bradbury drive?

He was scared due to witnessing a car accident when he was younger.
He liked to walk around instead.
He never learned how to drive a car.

What type of writing was Ray Bradbury known for?

Obituary, Eulogy or Tribute
Sci-fi and fiction
Comedy Routine or Parody