How well do you know the hunger games? (3)

How well do you know the hunger games? (3)

My quiz will test your knowlage on the hunger games. As a fan myself I love reading up about the hunger games. But this test wont just be testing you on the film but the theory. Good luck and please enjoy

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Who died because of the track- jackers? This is from the book NOT the film

Select the two correct answers
District 1 boy
District 4 girl
District 6 boy
District 1 girl

What was the nick-name katniss came up with for the district 5 girl?
Please use a capitol letter

What was the arena like in the first film?

Bright, Coulerful. Lots of poisoness birds and no fresh water except for rain and C.
Lots of trees. A few running rivers, tracker-jackers and mokingjays.
A beach and a clock zone. Cornicopia only had weapons and no supplies.

How old was Prim when she was selected for the hunger games?

No one knows

Who was the director for the hunger games

Melissa rosenburg
Gary ross
kevin macdonald