do u know wizards of waverly place

how well do u know wzards of waverly place

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who is alex's bff (best friend)

the elf lady person

how many boyfriends did alex have during the start of wizards 2 the last episode so far


wen uncle arnesto came 4 a visit how did the mom feel about it the 1st time the kids told the mom about brining uncle arnesto

happy the mom wanted him 2 come
the mom got so angry she stormed off
the mom said no cuz she didnt want alex max and justin 2 use magic wen uncle arnesto arrived

wat color is deen's hair

who plays harper

miranda cosgrove
jennifer stone
demi lovato

in the episode the good and the bad alex did alex be good bad or in the middle

super good
super bad
in the middle

where did alex justin max and mason find juliet wen the mummy took her

wizards world

who changed into juliet wen alex and harper wanted 2 tell justin 2 move on over juliet

alexs mom
no one did the real juliet came the one whos really old she changed herself back 2 look like her young self again