Do You Know Peeta From The Hunger Games

Do You Know Peeta From The Hunger Games

Find out if you know peeta from the hunger games (i do, find out if you do)

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what did he throw to katniss when they we're evelen

what did he say to katniss on the roof

how about that kiss remember we're desperetly in love so you can kiss me anytime you want to
i want to die as myself not as some creatre they've made out of me
let's get married if we win

what does his dad do for a living


who doe's he love ? (easy one)

what is his last name

who cut his leg when he let katniss live

what is he good at ?

Select the two correct answers
halo hooping
lifting heavey things

in what book does he marry katniss

the hunger games
fifty shades of grey
catching fire