How well do you know Breaking Dawn Part 2?

How well do you know Breaking Dawn Part 2?

If you haven't seen the movie yet, you may or may not want to take this quiz. Hope you like it :)

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Who is the first person Bella sees when she opens her eyes as a vampire?

Who is the first person Bella sees when she opens her eyes as a vampire?

Why does Alice come back?

To join the Volturi
She doesn't
To show Aro the future and bring a wittness of her own

Who plays with Renesmee most of the time?

Why are the Volturi coming?

They want to kill Renesmee because they think she's an immortal child
To kill Jacob
To kill Edward

What does Bella show Edward at the end of the movie?

A song she wrote
She can play the piano
The memories they shared together

What was Bella's birthday present?

They didnt celebrate her birthday
A car
A key to her and Edward's new house

What does Jacob show/tell Charlie?

Tells him Bella and the Cullens are vampires
Turns into a werewolf to show him he doesn't live in the world he thinks he does
Tells him Bella died

What's Bella's power?

She can blind people
She can calm people
She's a sheild

Who is this?

Who is this?

Why is Bella mad at Jacob?

Why is Bella mad at Jacob?
He imprinted on Renesmee
They aren't friends
He left

What nickname did Jacob give Renesmee that Bella hates?


Who leaves right when the Cullens need them most?

Bella and Edward
Alice and Jasper
Renesmee and Jacob

What is Renesmee's power?

She can show people her thoughts by placing her hand on their face
She can read minds like Edward
She can shock people

Why are the Cullens surprised at Bella?

Because she's a vampire
Because she has a baby
Because she ran away from human blood

What song plays while Bella shows Edward her memories?

A Thousand Years
With you in my head

What is the last scene in the movie?

At the Cullen's house
The meadow
The forest

What was Renesmee doing with Bella and Jacob?

Catching snowflakes
Playing piano

Who is the first person to die when the Cullens and their friends and the Volturi meet?