About Roblox

About Roblox

This quiz is about Roblox. Please let me know if i have got any questions wrong about roblox.

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What is trading?

Where i trade robux for ticket and ticket for robux.
Where i trade clothes
What trading?

What is a Noob?

Select the two correct answers
A REALLY annoying person and a cheater.
Someone who kills me with a gun for no good reason at all.
There is no such thing has a noob in roblox.

how many type of memberships are there?


What is Roblox about?

Select the two correct answers
It's about playing AWSOME games made by roblox.
It's about building and playing game created by other robloxians.
It's a chatting system.
It's about playing games while chatting with friends.
It is just a site where i can make friends and buy clothes for my

Which is worth more tickets or bux?