walt disney history quiz

walt disney history quiz

Walt Disney is famous for his awesome movies well if you want a little bit of history well i have a quiz to test if you know even anything about the the man and mouse lets get started

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question 1 which is the first colored short/movie note: it could be a short or even a movie

trees and flowers
snow white and the seven dwarfs

question 2 dose Walt Disney have rights to Oswald note true or false and before the video games with Oswald on the wii and 3ds hint before computer animation


question 3 did walt disney do a movie/short based on a bible story

no never i have seen that before

question 4 did every in Walt Disney did what ever he told him too because Walt Disney wanted exectley what he image

no never people have rights why do that
i have no clue about anything about this quiz so far and i would probable fail
yes he the man of the mouse house he in charge

question 5 what is the sixth film that Walt Disney made

sleeping beauty

question 6 was their a partnership with Walt Disney hint may be his first

star wars
on of his best of friends that may have done the business stuff

question 7 where did Walt live before he moved

i don't even know anything about the mouse house... help please

question 8 when was Walt born

December 5 1920
august 9 1867
December 5 1901

question 9 when did walt disney die

October 5 1944
December 15 1966
September 6 1799

question 10 what was Walt Disney spouse

question 11 how did Walt die

by doing a quiz that why
smocking to much
by doing marry Poppins with the anther and got so tired he died
heart attack

question 12 what where some related family members that Walt Disney had

Select the two correct answers
Roy o disney
eve disney
Diana disney
mickey disney

question 13 what did you think about this quiz

Select the seven correct answers
no i hate it to hard i got that at school already
maybe less question
MORE MORE MORE question please
more question like this and i will be saying "its the best day ever"
who cares about him dreamworks is my man in the house