dantdm quiz (6)

So you know who dan is. then answer to know!just anwser to be amazed by you so get ready

published on November 02, 20160 responses 0

When did dantdm get a wife

When he was 30
When he was 20
No sure
When e was over 10

What is dantdm's his favorite game

Select the two correct answers
Pokemon go

What is his body skin?

What is his wife s name


Will he be a real dog friend

What is his dogs name

Does he attended to be cool

Is he boring

How is dan

Does he have 3 dogs

Is he aswsome

Can he be better

Will he be rich

How is dan cool

Is he smart

Does he habe money

How does he make mods

Is roblox his favorite game

Does he ha e a cool house

I like him do you

Did you like his mods