Would you survive a horror movie? (2)

This quiz is to see if your brave tough and logical enough to survive a horror movie

published on July 13, 201812 responses 2

you wake up at 3 AM, your hungry and you also need to go to the bathroom, you go downstairs to your kitchen and you hear a tapping noise coming from somewhere, what is the first thing you do?

get a knife
turn of all the lights, close all the curtains, shut all the doors
hide somewhere
EHHH a sink is probably broken, ill get it in the morning

Ok next, your walking your dog with your friends, someone you think you might have seen earlier, you see going behind a building.
they are dressed in all black and have something in their hands.
what do you do?

EHHH its fine, thats brobably his house
go home
try to get closer to investigate
i just keep walking and i stay elert

A man wearing a white mask comes to you, he offers you a drink, you decline but your friend drinks it, later your going home and your friend says she doesnt feel well, what do you do?

EHH nothing, she probably just got food poisoning
i dont know!!!
call the police and take her to a hospital

your in a dark allyway at midnight, alone. but you think you see a figure in the dark behind you, what do you do?

go up to him and slap him
hold my keys between my fingers, ready to attack

you wake up in a dark house, a man, not knowing your even awake, your hands are taped together but you break free.


there will be more questions coming soon, but thx for takig this quiz!

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