Battle of Vicksburg (1)

Battle of Vicksburg (1)

This is a quiz by McKayli, Mooney, and Sofi. If you listened during our presentation you will know this stuff!

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When did the Battle of Vicksburg happen?


What was the cause of the war?

Select the two correct answers
Control of Mississippi River
Fighting over Property Line
Didn't agree on laws
Cut off comunication with Confederate forces on Mississippi

Who fought in the War?

Select the one correct answers
French and Indian
Union and Confederacy
Britian and France
England and the U.S

Who won?

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How long after the War did they celebrate the fourth of July?

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81 years
1 year
19 years
53 years

Why is Vicksburg important?

Best way to trade
Becuase Vicksburg was a cool place