what do u know about dr who!

what do u know about dr who!

r u a dr who expert, or have u never even heard of it? only 4 girls. (p.s. plzz leave a comment, i'm begging u!!!!)

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which companion was exterminated by daleks when they were aboard the game station?

rose tyler
lynda with a y (lynda moss)
martha jones
donna noble
astrid peth
amy pond
oswin oswald

what is the full name, surname as well, of rose tylers mum?

which 2 guys were roses boyfrinds?

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Pete Tyler
Adam Mitchell
Captain Jack Harkness
Mickey Smith

which man plays the ninth doctor?

David Tennant
matt smith
Chistopher Eccleston

what were the robot angels on-board the titanic called?

(which 2 companions were the first to the 11th doctor? (matt smith)

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