What's the Phrase from?

What's the Phrase from?

I will give you a phrase from the song and you must identify it!Good luck!!!For all genders!

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Hard one!"Cuz the song's already came on"

Turn up the Music
Song's already came on
Where have you been

Really hard!"Woke up this mornin"

Groovy Girl

What's this from?"Place is on fire"

Put a little confidence in your life
Gimme some lovin
On fire

What's this from?"Everywhere I look people holding hands"

Remember Boy(Remember)

Hard..."And yell at the wind"

Yell at the wind
The Time
The Only Excpection

Easy peasy!"Further than anyone"

Little Miss Liar
Krunk it Up

What's it from?"I don't need more than a tshirt and jeans"

Million Bucks
Don't Need More
I Want You Back

What's this from?"Before you came into my life"

Call me Maybe
Forget Me and run
I love you like a love song

What's this from?"I don't like your girlfriend"

We are never getting back together
I don't like

Easy to do"Will you still be here"

Please Don't Go
Still be here if just a dream