How Well Would You be as a Hunter?

How Well Would You be as a Hunter?

Try your best, you only need 4 correct answers to pass. :) Again, I do not claim any pictures given as my own.

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What is the easiest way to kill prey?

Select the two correct answers
If it's big game, snap their windpipe.
Slash them to death.
If it's small game, just shake 'em.
Rip out an eye.

When do you go hunt, and with who?

When I'm bored. What else is there to do? I go by myself, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
If instructed to, and I go with the rest of the hunters, and we are lead by the Alpha and Beta Males.
Does it actually matter who does what?
Idk!!! DDDD:

How should you be described?

What are the 3 main game wolves eat?

Select the three correct answers
Deer, small mammals and birds.
Moose, fish and birds.
Elk, fish and mice.
Horses, sheep and caribou.
Fish, sheep and elk.
Cattle, elk and fish.
Foxes, coyotes and domestic dogs.

Why do we hunt?

To feed loners.
I don't know! I just do what I am told.
To keep the pack strong and flourishing.