How Well Would You be as a Warrior?

How Well Would You be as a Warrior?

This is for my Feral Heart pack, Fallen Glory. No copying anything- I claim everything but any images provided as mine.

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If you are threatened, which would be the best reaction?

Walk away... they aren't worth my time.
Threaten them back... Two wrongs can make a fight!

What would you guard?

Select the three correct answers
Pack, of course. Without a pack, there's no me!
Alphas. If I keep them alive, I can always rank up.
*Looks and mirror* I will destroy the Krusty Krab.
The den. If we loose that, what do we have to claim as ours?
Omegas. If we fail, at least I have them to take my anger out on.

What kind of behavior do you have?

Can you use weapons?

Since when do wolves ever use them???
Yes, but only natural ones. Such as rocks, antlers, sharp twigs/branches, etc.

You find an enemy injured by the den. So you...

Select the three correct answers
Take them back to the pack to revive them and send them on their way.
Take them to the Alphas to become a Slave/Omega in the pack.
Kill them, put 'em outta their misery.
Ignore them. What does it matter?
Harass them then ditch.