Drivers Permit Test

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Within what feet should you use your low beams?


When you are approaching another vehicle at an intersection and you both want to make a left turn you should?

turn first
turn left of each other
flag one to turn first
keep going

Where do most accidents occur?


Maximum speed for state roads is?


When backing out from an diagonal or straight-in position, be sure the way is clear by

looking over your shoulder
go when you think it is clear
always rely on your mirrors
tell someone to watch for you

Dont follow the same vehicle for to long because you will

hit them
get lost
lose focus and get too relaxed
forget where you were going

Any driver at under the age of 21 who register a blood alchol content of __ or greater but still less than__ falls under the zero tolerance.

.03%, .07%
.06%, .09%
.05%, .09%

A child must wear a selt belt when they are

at least 7 still under 12
at least 4 still under 8
at least 6 still under 10
at least 5 still under 11

Why should you use your turn signal well in advance?

so you will remember to turn
so the other cars can turn too
to avoid an accident
to cause confusion with other cars

As a driver it is your responsibility to give right a way to

other cars
all oncoming traffic

If you are driving slower than other traffic on an interstate what lane should use?

either one
all the above

When entering an interstate highway from the acceleration lane how fast should you go?

regular posted speed
faster than the oncoming traffic

When meeting a car at night with blinding lights what should you do?

blind them back
look to the left
look straight ahead
look to the right

When driving in thick fog always use your?

high beams
low beams
which ever makes you feel comfortable
all the above

When making a left turn on a 4-lane highway what should you do?

get in left lane
use signal then get in left lane
turn when oncoming traffic is clear
get in left lane signal not nessecary

When are paved roads likely to be their most slickest?

after the rain
when dry
in the morning
when it starts to rain

What is the legal maximum distance at which you may park your car parallel to the curb?


When may you drive at the posted speed limit in Mississippi?

at all times
its posted only for ideal conditions
its there for you to go only that speed

Why shouldnt you drive when angry or depressed?

you will try to harm others
you will get lost
it not harmful and safe to drive
it a distraction

When overtaking another vehicle on a two-lane highway the safest thing to do before cutting back in front of the vehicle being passed is?

speed up
slow down
check your blind spots
give the right-a-way