What do you know?

What do you know?

This is a short quiz designed to see what you know about some of the legal issues surrounding death and dying from chapter 16.

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What is an advanced directive?

A document that describes what will happen to a persons assets when they die.
Instructions about how a person would or would not like to be taken care of if they became incapacitated or unable to make decisions.
Decisions about a persons funeral process that are made in advance about how a person wants to be buried, cremated, etc.

If no advance directives exist, the decision is left to family members. Who is first in the hierarchy?

Adult Children
Adult Friend/Aquaintance
Adult Grandchild
Adult Brother/Sister

According to the text, what was NOT one way that was used to determine if a person has died in the past?

Feel for body temperature
Hold a feather under one's nose to see if it moves
Use a mirror to see if condensation builds
Place an ear to the person's chest to listen for a heartbeat

Coroners are appointed to their positions and required to be qualified medical doctors.


What organ has the highest number of candidates waiting on the national transplant waiting list (as of 12/31/10)?


95% of all deaths in our society could lead to tissue donation.


Who is the ultimate decision maker regarding the authorization of organ/tissue/body donation?

The person who died if they have it in writing.
The next of kin/surrogate decision maker.
The medical examiner if the deceased is still viable.

What taxes follow upon a death?

Select the two correct answers
Inheritance Taxes
Consumptive Taxes
Corporate Gain Taxes
Estate Taxes