Are you an OFAH Fan?

Are you an OFAH Fan?

Hey,this quiz is about the B-E-S-T comedy everrrr!! I love OFAH (Only Fools And Horses),so here is a dedicated quiz for it.

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What are the main character's names?

David,Rodney,Uncle Alfred and Great Uncle
David,Rodney,Uncle Alfie and Grandad
Derek,Rodney,Uncle Albert and Grandad

What is the name of the van that Rodney has to drive?

Who is Raquel?

Select the two correct answers
Del's Wife
Rodney's daughter
Rodney's Mum
A Significant Other

Who is known as the dimmest out of all the characters?


Out of these items,what does Del sell?

Select the five correct answers
Fergal Sharkey LP
Showaddywaddy LP
Musical boxes
Box of Fireworks
China Cat that sings 'How much is that doggy in the window?'
Victorian egg-timer
Box of executive candlesticks
Talking Dolls that sing a lullaby in another language
Reject Suitcases

Which of these is a Series 5 episode?

A Slow Bus to Chingford
The Longest Night
Danger UXD
Cash and Curry
Little Problems

What is the full name of the owner of the Nag's Head pub?

Where does Cassandra work?

Hospital( as a nurse )
Printing Firm ( secretary of the Head of the Computer Section )

In the gameshow 'Goldrush', which of these are life-lines?

Select the three correct answers
Swap and Skip
Drop one
Shot in the Dark
Ask the Audience

Who plays Arnie?