Small Claims Court`

Small Claims Court`

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How long does it usually take for you to receive a court date?

six years
2 months
10 days

What is the letter called in which you send to the defendant asking for the money they owe you?

complaint letter
written contract
demand letter

What is a small claims court?

a case involving $12000 dollars or more
a type of court case that deals with murders
suing for a small amount of money that is owed to you

What happens if the defendant does not show?

the court decides who wins
they postpone the court date
they forget about the case

What is the minimum age you have to be to participate in a small claims court?

18 years old
21 years old
16 years old

Which of the following are examples of why people file a claim in a small claim court?

Hint: 3 choices
broken or damaged property
unpaid debts
doctor or hospital bills

How much is a filing fee?

all depends on how much you are suing for

What is a plaintiff?

The person suing the other person
The person being sued
The Judge