Knowledge Quiz

Knowledge Quiz

This knowledge quiz is for people who want to find out how clever they are. This quiz will test you mentally and make your brain clever and more activated. These questions will be based upon general knowledge. Hope you like it. This quiz is not ordinary its...#MERCYSTYLE!!!!

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What is the name of Wanye Rooney's wife???

Coleen Rooney
Collete Rooney
Carolyn Rooney

Who interuppted Taylor Swift at the music awards to announce that Beyonce had the Best Video of the Year Award???

Justin Bieber
Kanye West
Jay Z

Which singer got famous through YouTube???

Harry Styles
Chris Brown
Justin Bieber

Which celebrity demanded that she couldnt go on stage because the grass was toon long to walk on???

Nicki Minaj
Mariah Carey
Cher Lyold

Which celebrity came to a music award in a meat dress???

Which celebrity came to a music award in a meat dress???
Lady GaGa
Jenifer Lopez
Cherly Cole

What is the surname of the guy who invented the apple company??? Steve...


Which are the names if the Kardashian sisters???

Select the two correct answers
Kim Kardashian
Lizzy Kardashian
Khole Kardashian