Dexterity Online Mega Quiz

Dexterity Online Mega Quiz

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Dexterity Online Mega Quiz 2010. The Quiz is Children's Day Special and for the first time on a page of its own, unlike on-stage or on-facebook. So, what are you waiting for? ROCK ON! This quiz is brought to you by "We Aim High!" Join us on Facebook too.

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1. What was the first traffic rule imposed on earth?

No woman should ride chariots on the roads
Wheels must be lubricated
All vehicles must have the king's stamp
Taxes must be paid to the Khalifa.

Ambedkar was the man behind our Constitution. Who was the father of the American Constitution?

George Washington
James Madison
Benjamin Franklin
John Adams

Which great cricketer wears a chain around his neck with a bat hanging in it?

Jacques Kallis
Brian Lara
Don Bradman
Lance Klusner

Whose autobiography is "Retired Hurt"?

Robin Singh
Jonty Rhodes
Roshan Mahanama
Raman Lamba

Which astronaut was nicknamed 'Buzz'?

Edwin Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Michael Collins
Larry Collins

Which place advertises itself as "1% land and 99% fun


Which Umpire's Autobiography is "That's Out"?

Steve Bucknor
Dickie Bird
Simon Taufel
Asad Rauf

Name the Mascot of 2003 Cricket World Cup.


Which country also called the Golden Peninsula has a name which means "the land of smiles"?

South Korea

What is the place of Jarvick 7 in Medical History

First King to have granted funds for Medical Research
First Human Heart
First Doctor
First Neuro Surgeon

Which is the shortest sentence of the Bible

What were oscars made of during World War II?

Who will Sachin share the record of number of World Cups in 2011?

Which Book starts with the lines "Call me Ishmael"?

Farookh Engineer was the first Indian Cricketer to appear in a TV advertisement. What did he advertise?