Are You More Poetic than a Fifth Grader?

Are You More Poetic than a Fifth Grader?

For my Year 8D students to test the knowledge they have gained from their Sonnet unit

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"I wrote a bad Petrarchan Sonnet once" is a line from Stephen Fry's aptly titled Bad Petrarchan Sonnet. What kind of meter does it use?

Dactylic Heptameter
Iambic Pentameter
Petrarchan Tetrameter

When we looked at Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, "Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?" we primarily examined its use of...?


One defining feature that separates Shakespearean Sonnets from the Petrarchan Sonnet is that:

Petrarchan Sonnets use an octave and then a sextet, but a Shakespearean Sonnet uses three quartets and a finishing couplet.
Petrarchan Sonnets are all written before Queen Elizabeth was born, and Shakespearean Sonnets were all written after.
Shakespearean Sonnets are usually better than Petrarchan Sonnets

While Shakespeare uses Iambic Pentameter because it sounds closer to the way we speak English, why would a sonneteer use Iambic Tetrameter?

It sounds more empirical when read
It sounds different every time it is read
It sounds more lyrical when read

"Enjambment" is a poetic term often found in prose poetry meaning what?

The poem makes reference to something else.
Two or more words in a sequence have the same vowel sound
It indicates a run-on line

"Allusion" is a poetic technique meaning?

Seeing things that aren't really there, similar to a mirage.
Making (usually) subtle reference to a story or situation that should be known to the reader.
A string of words that all start with the same letter.

The phrase "Managing to manifest a modicum of motivation, I meander to the kitchen, make a mission out of mixing Nescafe" is an example of which poetic technique?


Sir Phillip Sidney's first Astrophil and Stella Sonnet is notable because?

It uses Iambic Hexameter to set itself apart from the crowd of other sonnets at the time, and is self referential
It is the first Sonnet in Sidney's Astrophil and Stella sequence
It has an extensive use of metaphor and it is a Shakespearean Sonnet

"Hot weather makes practices exhaust me.
Stressful drills leave teams down and sorrowful"
Comes from which Petrarchan Sonnet studied in class?

Sir Thomas Wyatt, “My Galley”
Rachel S., Florissant, “A Sport Sonnet”
Stephen Fry, “Petrarchan Sonnet”

What are two kinds of irony?

Funny Irony and Verbal Irony
Awesome Irony and Dramatic Irony
Dramatic Irony and Situational Irony