Paleolithic and Neolithic age

Paleolithic and Neolithic age

This quiz is about how the people lived back then, and also what they did.

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What were the earliest villages?

Select the two correct answers
Catal Huyuk
Las Vegas

How did people get around to other houses? (going in and out)

How many rooms did a normal house have in Catal Huyuk?

8-9 rooms
6-7 rooms
2-3 rooms

What causes the population to rise

The Paleolithic age
The Neolithic age
The Neolithic Revolution

What did the Cro Magnons pray to?

Select the three correct answers

When was Jericho lived in?

9000 b.c.e
8000 b.c.e
7000 b.c.e

What did the Neolithic people catch/trap the animals in they were herding?

When was Catal Huyuk lived in?

6500-5500 b.c.e
6500-6000 b.c.e
6500-5000 b.c.e

What was the population in 8000 b.c.e?

What is another name for the Neolithic Age

Paleolithic Age
The Old Stone Age

When food production began, it meant that....

people needed to gather more food
people got to relax more, and less gathering food
people had to go herd animals

What does Earth Mother mean?

The Neanderthals helped and cared for their....

What was chosen to rule the village?

a chief
a priest
a woman

The chisel helped the Cro Magnons make....

What does SPECIALIZATION mean?

What village was located in present day Turkey?

Catal Huyuk

Southwestern Asia is the earliest known....

What did the people learn to do after the Neolithic Revolution?

What helped the Cro Magnons catch large animals?

pit falls

When was there 90 million people (b.c.e)

What did people in Southwest Asia grow

What village was located in present day Israel?

Catal Huyuk

Foraging mean/is part of ....

Permanent shelters were built out of what

Select the two correct answers
sun dried mud
sun dried brick