Acts of Confederation

Acts of Confederation

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What were the Northwest Territories?

(The land west of Appalachian Mountains)
The land east of Appalachian Mountains.
North of the Mississippi River

Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress has the power to

Select the four correct answers
conduct foreign affairs
maintain armed forces
borrow money
issue currency

How many states had to vote to amend, or change, the Articles of Confederation?


The Articles did not create a chief blank or blank to enforce laws.

executive, national courts
representative, President
senate, representative

What is a constitution?

A female dog.
A formal plan of govt.
A law.
A God.
Justin Bieber.

What is a confederation?

The member states agree to let the central governent undertake a limited number of activities.
Under a weak central South.
All answers are correct.

How did Congress plan to distribute the land there?

Divided into townships- surveyed, divided up, and sold.
Ruined the towns.
Bombed the city.

How many states had to vote to approve a new law?

ALL states
only 1

Which modern states were in them?

Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Mexico, Colorado
Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio
Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Mexico, Denver

What were some of the economic problems that the United States faced after the American Revolution?

Select the four correct answers
Revolutionary War fallen in value
Unable to collect taxes
Money constantly declined
States and congress both created money

What were some problems that the U.S. faced with other countries after the American Revolution?

Britih troops continue to occupy land
Spain would not let Americans past New Orleans on the Mississippi
Trading wasn't easy with Spain hard to carry in mountains.
All of the above.

What were the Articles of Confederation?

What key powers did Congress not have under the Articles?

enforce laws and tax others.
power to vote
punish people for wrong doing
ship foreign goods