Test 1 Pt. 4

Test 1 Pt. 4

BCIS II test 1 review Using MIS & Project 2010 Chapters 1-5 in MIS & Project

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The project management triangle consists of all of the following except:


The ___ view is used to display subtasks overlapping summary tasks on the Gantt Chart.

Bar Rollup
Task Split
Task Form

In a manufacturing business the ___ process transforms finished goods into cash.

inbound logistics
inbound operations
materials ordering

___ process logic that is specific to a given business need.

Application programs
Data aggregators
Database queries
Data models

The first step in creating a project budget is to:

Identify all hardware, software, and development costs
Create the travel costs budget
Create budget resources and assign them to the project summary task
Assign tasks to resources

Which of the following is true for private IP addresses?

Using private IP addresses does not conserve public IP addresses.
Traffic does not have to be rerouted whenever a computer is moved.
Every computer has to register a public IP address with ICANN
Private IP addresses cannot be reused by multiple users.

___ is a software tool that takes a lot of manual updating and guesswork out of managing your project.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Work
Microsoft Project

You use ___ when you want to narrow down the data displayed in a view.


The purpose of the planning phase in a project is to determine ____.

the ground rules for the collaboration
if the task status reporting process is needed or not
who will do what and by when
the conditions for managing exceptions

What type of resources does Project support?

Work, material, and cost
Work, projected time, calendar
Std rate, ovt rate, and cost rate
Cost, time, and material

___ are commands that the cpu can process that may be specific for each processor type.

Application programs
Operational Bits
Instruction sets
Recursive functions

Brenda wants to find a particular report containing sales analyses of the second and third quarter. After accessing the DBMS, she should type in the keyword into a ___ form to locate what she is looking for.


The term "open source" means that the source code of the program is ___.

compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit processors
available for licensing if desired
available only to carefully vetted contractos
available for the public

___ is a set of work that is completed according to a schedule and that has some kind of end result.

A task
An assignment
A project
A mission

Which of the following is not included in the project's calendars?

Base Calendar
Task Calendar
Resource Calendar
Program Calendar

The ___ view enables you to jump between viewing a month, a week, or a custom span of weeks or dates.

Descriptive Network Diagram
Task Box
Task Property
Task Form

Each task in your project can be one of the three different types except:

Fixed units
Fixed work
Fixed duration
Fixed calendar