Test 1 Pt. 3

Test 1 Pt. 3

BCIS II test 1 review Using MIS & Project 2010 Chapters 1-5 in MIS & Project

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Which of the following is an appropriate technique for creating memorabe, strong passwords?

use your favorite foreign words
use a collection of randomly selected letters, numbers, and
special characters
base them on the first letters of the words in a phrase
base them on little known personal details such as a favorite
object or place

Minimum cardinalities are ___.

the attributes identified with only one entity
the lowest possible data attributes in an entity
crow's feet notations showing the least number of relationships
minimum requirements of the number entities

___ is a popular commercial webinar product used in virtual sales presentations.

Microsoft SharePoint
MS Access
Google Docs

Which of the following statements is true of firmware?

Firmware is the same as system cache.
Firmware cannot be changed or upgraded.
The software is coded differently from other software.
Users do not need to load firmware into the device's memory.

The IEEE 802.3 and 802.11 protocols ___.

are protocols for browsers and Web servers
concern data transmission within a network
operate at the application layer of TCP/IP architecture
operate at the transport layer of TCP/IP architecture

Which of the following is true of DSL modems?

DSL modems use the same protocols as cable modems.
DSL services and speed are standardized across applications.
DSL modems use cable lines for data transmission.
The signals of DSL modems do not interfere with voice
telephone service

The difference between the value that an activity generates and the cost of the activity is called the ____.

break-even point

Identify a situation where rivalry would be a weak force.

book sellers
packaged food manufacturers
internal revenue service
used car dealers

Which of the following is an asynchronous communication technology where it is easy to identify the people who have not responded to a request?

discussion forums

Which of the following is true about the database development process?

User review of the data model is avoided as it is not helpful in
data modeling.
Changing a relationship from 1:N to N:M is simply a matter of
changing the notations.
The database structure cannot be changed during the data
modeling stage.
A database is a model of how the developers view their
business world.

A ___ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table


IEEE 802.11 protocol allows speeds of up to ___.

27 Mbps
10 Mbps
99 Mbps
54 Mbps

Which of the following licensing systems is used by most open source programs?

GNU general public license
single use license
site license

Which of the following statements is true regarding collaborative systems?

Content management facilitates collaboration though it is not a
key driver of collaboration.
Members have different rights and privileges in some
The three collaboration drivers are equally important for all
types of collaborations.
Creating and formalizing workflows is the most critical
collaborative task for ad hoc work groups.

Which of the following activities of a computer manufacturer cannot be considered a part of inbound logistics?

finished goods inventory
raw materials inventory
payment of raw materials
exchanges with vendors

Which of the following is an example of computer hardware?

data in a USB drive
a user manual
a spreadsheet
a computer monitor

Which device listed below is an example of a storage hardware device?

optical disk

A ___ is a special-purpose computer that moves packet traffic according to the rules of the IP protocol.


A ticket from L.A. to Denver costs $212. In a decision-making scenario, this would be an example of ___.

an interpretation
an inference

Asynchronous communication occurs when team members ___.

communicate in a sequential manner
communicate within a specific time frame
engage in conflicting discussions
do not meet at the same time