How much do you know about Christmas?

Think you know everything about Christmas... try again. Take this quiz to find out!

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Christmas is celebrated in December every 25th in every country.


Santa Claus lives in...

the North Pole
the South Pole
the Strippers Pole

Which country developed Christmas Trees?

the United States of America

What is Christmas Eve?

Christmas day
the day after Christmas
The day before Christmas

If you believe you ____.

What do you leave out for Santa Claus?

weed and cocaine
cookies and milk
chicken wings and soda

Which Christmas fact(s) are true?

Select the two correct answers
the holy bible never mentions when Jesus was born, but we just go by Decemberth
Mexico celebrates Christmas for weeks
Santa loves the booty.

Santa Claus in known for saying __ __ __ Merry Christmas!

What type Christmas tree do Americans use mostly?

Select the two correct answers
the tree out my window
a real pine tree
a fake store-bought tree

Santa Claus is sadly noticed by ___ .

ooking fat
being a bitch
eating the booty