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this is a quiz that i am writing to help me with biology so please just let me

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where do LDR occur

What does LDR produce

Where does the calvin cycle occur

Where does glycolysis occur

Where does the link reaction and krebs cycle occur

Where does the electron transport chain occur

what is the common thing produced in ethanol fermentation and lactic acid fermentation

name the 6 parts of the chloroplast in alphabetical order (first three)

Name the last 3 of the 6 parts of the chloroplast in alphabetical order

Name the 2 parts of the mitochondrion that arent in chloroplasts in alphabetical order

what is resting potential

what is threshold potential

when does repolarization occur

what, besides the collecting ducts, does ADH open to let water back into the blood (FULL WORD)

what is the thing that carries blood into the nephron

what is not made in diabetes mellitus

what is not made in diabetes insipidus

what is affected in alport syndrome and what does this lead to (two words)

what disease comes from having a previous disease like malaria

What disease comes from a mutation and causes cysts (abbreviation)

what is the disease where your immune system kills you (1 word)

what disease comes from organic solvents (1 word ending in e)

what is the order of female hormones (separated by spaces)

what phase comes days 1-5 (1 word)

follicular phase occurs days ?

ovulation occurs day

what phase in the female system occurs days 14-28

what are the immune systems second line of defence called

carbs form a structure ratio that is C:H:O

alpha helicies and beta pleated sheets are what form of protein

when it goes through a protein channel it is called

When it is forced against the diffusion gradient it is

two or more tertiery structures are called a

put these uses in order during replication (just type the numbers separated by a space)
1 DNA polymrase III
2 RNA primase
3 DNA polymerase I
4 Ligase
5 Helicase

which way does replication occur

what is the 5' end

a cell with circle dna with no nucleus is a

transcription and translation in prokaryotes both occur in the

in eukaryotes transcription occurs in the

in eukaryotes translation occurs in the

competition is an example of what type of population factor (density-_______

hurricane is an example of what type of population factor (density-________

(+,+) is

(+,0) is

(+,-) is