Test 1 on Part 1

Test 1 on Part 1

BCIS II Test 1 questions. 80 multiple choice questions Using MIS & Project 2010

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Which of the following types of DBMS is designed for smaller and simpler database applications?

personal DBMS
structural DBMS
strategic DBMS
object-oriented DBMS

Management information systems (MIS) is best defined as ___.

the development and use of information systems to study the
theoretical foundations of the various aspects of management
as a discipline
the development and use of information systems that help
businesses achieve their goals and objectives
the design and development of software applications and
computer hardware
the study and the science of the theoretical foundations of
information and computation and their implementation and
application in computer systems

A ___ is a network of business functions that receives inputs and produces outputs.

business process
competitive strategy

Word 2007 and Adobe photoshop, which provide a set of instructions for the computer, are examples of the ___ component of an information system.


One can use Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer to tailor the look and feel of SharePoint sites. However, some software developers use Microsoft Visual Studio to customize the sites. What is the reason behind this?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is more expensive than
Visual Studio.
Visual Studio provides greater customization and control.
Collaboration sites cannot be built using Microsoft Office
SharePoint Designer.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer does not allow file sharing
and Web publishing.

___ is generally regarded as one of the more difficult operating systems to learn to use.

Mac OS
Windows Vista
Windows XP

A strong password should contain ___.

less than seven characters
your user name or real name
upper case letters, lower case letters, and special characters
a complete dictionary word in a foreign language

Which of the following activities is not associated with a server?

processing emails
processing Web sites
processing Word documents
processing large, shared databases

Being ___ is one of the most important characteristics of an effective collaborator.

enthusiastic about the subject of collaboration
well organized and popular
gregarious, dynamic, and a persuasive presenter
experienced in collaborating

Porter defined value as the ___.

quality of after-sale service provided to customers
perceived satisfaction of the customers and sellers after a
amount of money that a customer is willing to pay for a
actual money exchanged in return of a product/service

Which of the following is likely to be used by organizations with limited budgets?

Linus with Ubuntu
Microsoft Windows clients
Mac OS

___ firewalls are the simplest type of firewall.


According to the five-component model for IS, the ___ function(s) as the instructions for the people involved is an IS.


Which of the following situations represents strong bargaining power of suppliers?

fashion outlet during recessionary times
oil-exporting countries during a low price season for gas
coffee farmers during an extended frost season
bank liquidating during fire sale

___ is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product.

Systems thinking
Abstract reasoning

Moore's Law states that the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every ___ months.


A byte is a ___.

character of data
collection of numerals
collection of records
character of fields

The cost of the business process is the sum of the cost of the inputs and the ___.

cost of activities
value of the product/service
cost of the outputs
value of the outputs

Focused cost-leadership is observed when a product has the lower cost ____.

within an industry segment
of selling and delivering
within an industry
amongst the products of the company

The primary protocol of the Internet layer of the TCP/IP protocol architecture is called ___.