Are the DEAD alive now?

Are the DEAD alive now?

Check my knowledge. What does the BIBLE say on the subject. Why should we believe the Bible over someones personal experience??

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To be a DEAD soul / human means:

DEAD human body has no counsiousness, so it has no breath, has no heart beat or any other vital signs of LIFE.
Even the DEAD human body is not moving, the spirit is alive and looking on all the people, dead and alive
DEAD human body may be imobil but it has consiousness and awairness of all movements around it.

Adam and Eve were warned by God: "..for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.."

Adam and Eve were thinking they will have a better life when they surely die.
Adam and Eve were puzzeled by something they did not experience yet and wanted to try it. Death experience was a welcome thing for them.
DEATH was clearly explained to Adam and Eve and they were to stay away from the cause of it.

Is there other than a physical DEATH?

Yes, there is physical DEATH and SPIRITUAL death.
Even when the person DIES physically, the spirit of the person lives on for eternity.
One just passes over from physical DEATH to spiritual life after their DEATH.

Person is born physically ALIVE, but the same human is SPIRITUALLY dead till time the person decides to be BORN AGAIN.

Maybe, person is alive with the physical and spiritual. side of them

Spiritually DEAD people, not knowing they are born spiritually DEAD, will be pardoned by GOD and all will be fine for eternity for them.

No, each person has to find themselves.
Yes, God is good and he will just brake the rules he made.
It is available for every one to be saved from this DEATH condition by believing in Christ Jesus and God gives a gift of LIFE to those who believe on his only begotten son.

Some people say they can talk to the DEAD.
Is this a true experience they say they have?

It is not possible to talk to a DEAD soul (person), because the DEAD person is not having their consciousness. The person is a DEAD soul.
I believe people claiming to be able to talk to the DEAD soul have Bible inspired ways to talk to the DEAD soul.
Their spirit may talk to the channeler and they respond back to the DEAD soul.
DEAD soul or person may seem to be DEAD to one person, but is fine and is alive to another person who can talk to them.

Is BIBLE clear on the subject of speaking to the DEAD people?

No, Bible is not clear.
Yes, Bible is very clear on the subject.
Bible is hiding explanation on the subject.

Are the subject verses in the Bible easy to find?

It is one of those hidden items we can only understand after death.

Where there instances where people written of in the Bible spoke to the DEAD souls?

I do not know

Does God, through his word, the Bible encourages us, to talk to the DEAD people?

No, the Bible shows no interest in the subject.
Yes, we may, but do it cautiously.
God warns us not to do so. DEAD are DEAD till God makes them alive again.

People claiming to be experiencing or having any instances of contact with the DEAD are the proof of such things exist.

To see a DEAD soul / person "alive" is an iron clad proof that one may have seen a thing of some sort. It is not proof that it is indeed the person who is DEAD soul. No matter how close the resemblance of statute or sound is. The DEAD soul is without consciousness so it is not itself tthat one saw..
DEAD soul is able to communicate with whom the DEAD soul chooses.
It is silly to think that only alive people can move and show themselves. DEAD can do so by the power of the spirit of their own will.

God is to be trusted always even when personal experience seems to dictate in opposition of the Bible words, which came from God when holy man of God spoke as the SPIRIT - GOD gave them utterance.

Yes, I believe that without any doubt.
No, those are just misleading fables.
I rely on my own understanding and trust no one else.