Civil War

Civil War

FOr 8th graders who are average stay in school its fill in the blank i think not that hard defintitions

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general who burns atlanta and marches to the sea to make the general howl

Theatre where lincoln was shot by booth

November 1864 Atlanta falls to general sherman who burns a third of it to the ground

Saled the fate of the confedracy and opened the door to atlanta

Lincoln shot in ford theatre (good friday)

3 day battle in pennsylvania robert e. lee loses

War against civillians where they burn their plantations take their animal and steal there food

1 of the bloodiest battles of the civil war a southern victory in the north

Location where Robert e lee and the army of the northern virgiania surrendered 2 ullyses s grant and army of potamic this ended the war

Failed last charge against union line at gettysburg by general picket

Ammendment added to the constitution outlawing slavery in the whole untied states

civil war deaths

General Sherman burned everything in his path from atlanta to savannah 1864

He shot lincoln he was an actor

General Grant captures the fortress city of vicksburg that guards the mississpippi river july 4 1863

April 2 1865 confedrate cgoverment flee richmond