Isaac's Disorder

Isaac's Disorder

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What is an autoimmune disorder?

immune system attacks the body's own tissues.
disorders affect the nerves that control the voluntary muscles.
a rare neuromuscular disorder caused by hyperexcitability and continuous firing of the peripheral nerve axons that activate muscle fibers.

What ages does the disorder affect?

30 to 60
15 to 60
20 to 60

It affects legs and arms, but when it proceeds it will affect the.......

What is a symtpon which doesnt occur?

Increased sweating

What treatment provides short term relief to patients?

Plasma exchange

What are groups and organizations that help out with then disorder?

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The disorder was first discovered by whom?

Isaacs Mendez
Hyam Isaacs
Hans George Mertens

What did they use on the 70 year-old-woman, which showed improvemnt?

What does a MRI do in this case?

What can cause Isaac's Disorder?

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Heredity order
Iron deficiency
Huntington's chorea