Are You An Expert On Song Lyrics?

Are You An Expert On Song Lyrics?

So, are you an expert on knowing the new modern songs, there are fifteen songs that I have picked and I will put down a line from the song, and you need to put down the song that line is in.

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Throw your sticks and stones, throw your bombs and your blows

I can't help that I need it all

I'm bulletproof nothing to lose, fire away, fire away

I've wasted my nights, you've turned out the lights

Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly

See it's not what you look like, when you doing what you do

We got that sweet heart loving, dancing in the dark

My temperature is super high, if I scream if I cry, it's only cos I feel alive

We live on the edge of life, we don't even compromise

I wish I knew then, what I know now, wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down

So pack your bags real good baby, cos you'll be gone for a while

I see you over there so hypnotic

Just a shy guy, looking for a two ply

Baby, I've known you for a long long time, I never thought that we would find, what we've got, what we've found yeah

Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop, I own that