Ms. Lola

Ms. Lola

This quiz will help us realize whether we are compatible to remain as close friends.

published on September 01, 20126 responses 2

If i were waiting at my locker for vene or becca to show up for lunch, what would i be doing?

Facing the locker and pretending to go through it until one of
them walks up and i suddenly find what i'm looking for
Pretending to be talking on the phone very quietly until one of
them walks up and i put my phone away.
Striking up a conversation and acting like good friends with a
random unsuspecting sophmore until one of them walks up
and i will suddenly stop talking to the person.

If i were in a foreign country and i met a really attractive guy, which of these would i reveal about myself?

I really like cats and i have about twenty
I am five foot four i just look short because of my legs
Absolutely nothing true because i will probably never see this person again so i can be really weird
I really love to eat hamburgers and I love america like none other

Which of these naked animals do i despise the most and would hate to find on my pillow in the morning?

Naked cat with only one eye
Naked mole rat with irregular teeth and yellow eyes
Balding bird that has lost all of it's feathers
A naked guinea pig with three legs
A naked pregnant aardvark where you can see the fetus.

If I were in an awkward situation at school involving a few friends, a few semi- friends, and an attractive person what annoying habit would i start doing?

Start popping my knuckles one by one and suddenly need to fix my bra.
Suddenly start laughing and saying things like "well this is awkward"
Say I need to leave and talk to someone and say bye really fast
Begin dancing even though there is no music playing

While eating large delicious sushi, what would i randomly begin talking about?

How delicious it is and how i wish i could make it
Something illegible because my mouth would be full of sushi
Start a conversation about how incredibly small my mouth is and how i wish i could fit more things in it.