What would Becca do in each situation? This will test how well you actually know this person you call a dear dear friend. NOT ONLY THAT, but you will get a few pointers on how to handle situations like a pro.

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When she sees a tall, strapping, bearded, young man, what would she do?

Select the two correct answers
Go up, and introduce herself.
Use a one liner, such as, "Are you from Tennessee, because you're the only ten I see"!
The most forward approach, go up and give him a BIG smooch. XX
Sit and admire from a distance.
Tilt her hip to the side, put one hand on her hip, and yell out, "How you doin' baby?"

When Becca go's and buys a sandwich from the Co-op and it comes to $9.95 cents and the Cashier Guy gives Becca change she would

Becca would take it and say, "What could you give me for 5 cents?", and wink.
Becca would say "Keep the change", and wink.
Becca would take the change, and wink.
Becca would say, "You don't want to give it away for free?" and wink.
Becca's too lazy to write another option. Wink.

When given a homework assignment due in 3 weeks Becca would

Do it the day she gets it.
Do it a week before it is due.
Do it the last night before it is due.
Do it at lunch, the day it's due.
Not do it.

What is Becca's preferred way of saying The Pledge of Allegance in the morning at school?

She says it with vigor.
She stands up, but doesn't say it.
Not know they said the pledge in the morning.
Stay seated.
Stand up, say it, but doesn't put her hand on her heart.

When a semi-good friend (i.e. Maddy Levitt, Mckenzie Bevington) comes to me crying what would I do?

Support her the best I can.
Awkwardly hover my hand above her back and say, "I'm so sorry..."
Crack a joke.
Kiss them.
Avoid them at all costs.